How to reach us

It is not difficult at all. You have to follow the directions.

Following the motorway Torino-Monte Bianco, you have to turn for Aosta-Ovest Saint-Pierre. When you reach the first traffic light turn on your left (the direction is Saint-Pierre – Courmayeur).Few kilometres ahead, past the little town of Saint-Pierre, turn for Saint-Nicolas (the street is on the right).

Now you have to drive up. Get to Saint-Nicolas and cross it; then you have to keep on heading for Vetan. You have found Gerbore.

Once upon a time…

…there was a little village up in the mountains, surrounded by forests. Few families were living in Gerbore in the past times and they used to grow cereals that were cut during the summertime.

One year a very singular and special episode happened. The harvest was so good and the inhabitants were astonished looking at the rife wheat’s sheaves. The weeds were so yellow and shining in the sun as they were made of gold.  The French name for the sheaves was “gerbe” and “or” is the translation for gold. Since that moment the village was called Gerbore.

Once happened a time. And there is still today. Come and see…